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Use Cases Taxonomy


  • Adrien Berthou


Special Abilities

Category Projects
Divisibility: Full vs Fractionalized Ownership TODO: add example project if any
Time Limitation: Rent and Lend TODO: add example project if any
“Pingback” Protocol: Conditionally send notifications to creator/owner Not implemented by any project afaik
Co-Dependency: Conditionally send notifications between two NFTs Not implemented by any project afaik
Royalties: Send part of each 2ary market transaction to creator Not implemented by any project afaik

Digital Assets - Residing Entirely in the On-Chain Digital World

Category Ethereum Projects Cosmos/Tendermint Projects
NFT Marketplaces OpenSea , Rarible, Enjin
NFT Project Launch Platforms Enjin, GamesCredit, WAX
Gaming Items: skins, weapons, pets and so on My Crypto Heroes, Axie Infinity, Neon District
Gaming Collectibles: cards, characters Rare Pepe, CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands
Digital Art,
Virtual Land in Metaverses Decentraland, Somnium Space VR, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox
DeFi: Stake for NFT rewards (NFT Farming) AaveGotchi,
DeFi: Loans against NFTs TODO
DeFi: Wrapped Token Bridges Keep's TBTC Deposit Token (TDT) ,
DeFi: Insurance yearn finance,
NFT-based Prediction Market
Domain Names: Blockchain Name Services ENS, Unstoppable Domains IOV Starname
Geolocation: Point Of Interests, Dynamic Location Foam
Authentication: Non-Custodial Login, Reusable KYC TODO

Redeemable Tokens - Representing Real-World Assets

Category Ethereum Projects Cosmos/Tendermint Projects
Certificates of Ownership for Art: Painting, Sculpture SuperRare, Known Origin, MakersPlace
Certificates of Ownership for Real Estate: Land, Property TODO
Certificates of Ownership for Intellectual Property: DRM, Patents Blockchain Agnostic: Molecule
Supply Chain Tracking: Food, Luxurious Goods TODO
Supply Chain Finance (Loan) Tinlake/Centrifuge (Ethereum+Polkadot) Persistence, Irisnet
Precious Metals: Gold, Diamonds
Authenticity Certification for Academic Credentials, Gov. Certif., Medical History TODO
Identity Management Systems: Governemental, For-Profit and NGOs TODO
Ticket Ownership: Music events, Sports events, Conferences Poap,,
Certificates of Authenticity for the Sustainability space: Impact Claims, Impact Outcome, Carbon offsets/credits ixo foundation, regen network