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Collected Use Cases


NFTs are extremely useful in real world use-case, Irisnet provides an innovative solution for distributed business applications so it has a strong interest in leveraging NFTs for various business use cases such as Supply Chain Finance and Ticketing Systems.

What makes our use-cases unique are the Business Cases where clients ask for specific implementations


NFT as key solution: tech definition of invoices, exactly matching what a NFT is, a unique item; then it can be exchanged across the network.


IP in different forms: 1/ License to dataset, 2/ Patent and its ownership

Usage in the field of Research and Medicine, specifically in Drug Development. The only project in this field.

Starname / IOV

We provide decentralized username so people can have a decentralized identity and receive crypto-currency more easily.


It is a unique project. Aavegotchis are DeFi-powered NFTs.

Aavegotchis have many different traits, including personality, ethereality, body color, and many more. Some traits are assigned at birth, using a special randomizer algorithm. Aavegotchis can be traded/sold/bought. You’ll be able to trade your Aavegotchi in NFT markets like OpenSea. Even better, all of the staked collateral comes with your Aavegotchi when you trade it.

ixo Network

A unique project leveraging NFTs to track impact in the sustainability space. NFTs are an essential piece of the puzzle in building and permanently enclosing what we call a proof of impact. These NFTs can embed essential and immutable informations such as the originating project and other stakeholders involved.